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Open Access Policy - Journal of Pioneering Medical Sciences

The Journal of Pioneering Medical Sciences is committed to open access, ensuring that all published articles are instantly accessible worldwide under an open access license. Here's what it entails:


  • Universal Access: Everyone enjoys free and unrestricted access to the full text of all articles published in the Journal of Pioneering Medical Sciences.
  • Reuse Permission: Readers are free to reuse published material, provided proper accreditation/citation to the original publication is given.


No special permissions are necessary to reuse any part of an article, including figures and tables. Articles under the Creative Commons CC BY license allow reuse without permission, as long as the original article is clearly cited. Reuse does not imply endorsement by the authors or the Journal of Pioneering Medical Sciences.


External Resources

For those new to open access, resources like Wikipedia's article on Open Access or the Open Access Network provide insightful information.


Defining Open Access


Aligned with major definitions, the Journal of Pioneering Medical Sciences defines open access as:


  • Peer-reviewed literature freely accessible without subscription or price barriers.

  • Immediate release in open access format (no embargo period).

  • Published material available for reuse without seeking permission, given proper citation to the original publication.


Licensing Update (2023)


Starting in 2023, the Journal of Pioneering Medical Sciences publishes articles under the Creative Commons Attribution License, providing authors extensive rights. This facilitates free linking, scanning by search engines, and reuse by various platforms, all contingent on proper accreditation.


Promoting Exchange and Accessibility


Open access promotes the exchange of research results across disciplines, facilitates interdisciplinary research, and ensures global accessibility, including for researchers in developing countries and the general public. While embracing the open access model, the Journal of Pioneering Medical Sciences acknowledges the value of diverse forms of scholarly communication.


Important Note


Certain articles, particularly Reviews, may include content from other publications for which the Journal of Pioneering Medical Sciences lacks copyright. In such cases, users should contact the original copyright holder for permission to reuse the material.


Benefits of Open Access for Authors


1. Enhanced Visibility


Our open access articles ensure high availability and visibility, accessible worldwide over the Internet. Journal of Pioneering Medical Sciences provides free and unlimited access to the full text of all articles, eliminating subscription and pay-per-view charges. This accessibility increases the likelihood of inclusion in search engines and indexing databases.


2. Increased Citation Impact


Open access articles enjoy higher citation impact due to their extensive publicity and accessibility. Demonstrably, open access publications receive more frequent citations, contributing to greater visibility and scholarly influence.


3. Cost-Efficient Publishing


Authors benefit from lower publishing costs as open access publishers cover expenses through article processing charges (APCs) paid by authors' institutes or research funding agencies. The APCs are significantly lower than the average income per paper earned by traditional subscription-based publishers. Journal of Pioneering Medical Sciences maintains a uniform APC regardless of article length, encouraging the publication of comprehensive papers with detailed results.


4. Expedited Publication


Journal of Pioneering Medical Sciences ensures faster publication through online-only availability. Accepted articles are typically published online more promptly compared to traditional subscription-based and printed journals.


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