Volume 3 Issue 4
October-December 2013
Original Article Open Access
Prevalence of Stress and its Relation to Hair fall in Female Medical Students
Pages 205 - 207
Review Article Open Access
Long Term Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Treatment of Postpartum Depression: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Pages 198 - 204
Clinical Images Open Access
Giant Bathing Trunk Nevus
Pages 196 - 197
Clinical Images Open Access
Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease
Pages 194 - 195
Case Report Open Access
An Unusual and Missed Foreign Body in the Urinary Bladder
Pages 191 - 193
Original Article Open Access
Epidemiological Study of Diabetes and its Risk Factors in East Azerbaijan, Iran
Pages 186 - 190
Case Report Open Access
Renal Hydatid Cyst: Typical Features on Sonography
Pages 184 - 185
Case Report Open Access
Genital Infection by Chigoe Flea in a Pediatric Patient: A Case Report
Pages 182 - 183
Original Article Open Access
Immunohistochemical Expression of C-erb-B2 and Vimentin in Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma and Polymorphous Low-Grade Adenocarcinoma: A Comparative Study
Pages 177 - 181
Elective Report Open Access
Diabetes, Disclosure and DNR: A Glimpse into the Ethics of Maltese Medical Practice
Pages 175 - 176
Case Report Open Access
Relapsing Primary Spinal Cord Hydatid Cyst: A Case Report and Review of Literature
Pages 171 - 174
Original Article Open Access
Detection of Serum Cytokines Before and After Pharmacological and Surgical Treatment in Patients with Cystic Echinococcosis
Pages 167 - 170
Case Report Open Access
Subtalar Dislocation Reduction with Regional Block in Emergency Department
Pages 164 - 166
Clinical Images Open Access
Hiatal Hernia – A Coincidence or Causative Factor for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis?
Pages 162 - 163
Editorial Open Access
Open Access Publishing: Barriers, Challenges and a Window of Opportunity
Pages 160 - 161
Editorial Open Access
Towards a Global Appeal: JPMS to Revamp Title
Pages 159 - 159
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