Volume 5 Issue 1
January-March 2015
Letter to the Editor Open Access
Description of a New Clinical Sign in Evaluating the Patients with Gastro-Intestinal Perforation
Pages 82 - 82
Case Report Open Access
Management of Placenta Percreta with Bladder Invasion
Pages 31 - 33
Editorial Open Access
Tobacco and Smoking: A Problem of the Modern Global Village
Pages 29 - 30
Case Report Open Access
Psychosis in a Patient with Porencephaly – A Case Report
Pages 26 - 28
Case Report Open Access
Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy in Situs Inversus Totalis: A Case Report
Pages 23 - 25
Editorial Open Access
Old drug, New Target: Itraconazole and Basal cell Carcinoma
Pages 21 - 22
News Section Open Access
Tackling Resistant Hypertension – Is There a Role for Renal Denervation Therapy?
Pages 19 - 20
Original Article Open Access
Dental Caries Status and Treatment Needs in a Prison Setting at Ferozepur City
Pages 15 - 18
Case Report Open Access
Hyperreflexic Guillain-Barré Syndrome: A Case Report
Pages 13 - 14
Case Report Open Access
Left Main Bronchus Rupture due to Blunt Trauma Necessitating Pneumonectomy in a 6-year-old Boy: A Case Report
Pages 10 - 12
Case Report Open Access
Gall Bladder Cancer Masquerading as Anterior Abdomen Wall Abscess
Pages 7 - 9
Perspective Article Open Access
Psychoeducation – A Mental Health Promoting Practice in Schizophrenia
Pages 3 - 6
Clinical Images Open Access
A Patient with Severe Back Pain
Pages 1 - 2
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