Volume 1 Issue 2
July-September 2011
Perspective Article Open Access
Are You in Pain? Let’s Try Some Music!
Pages 67 - 67
Elective Report Open Access
Let’s build our own International Journal
Pages 65 - 66
Editorial Open Access
Developing a New Scoring System for Diagnosis of Acute Appendicitis
Pages 63 - 64
Editorial Open Access
Cardiovascular Disorders and Depression
Pages 61 - 62
Letter to the Editor Open Access
Correspondence on: “Effect of Electronic Gaming on Heart Rate”
Pages 60 - 60
Case Report Open Access
Goldenhar Syndrome: Airway and Anesthetic Management – A Case Report
Pages 56 - 59
Case Report Open Access
Use of the lightwand (TrachlightTm) as an aid to tracheal intubation in patient with limited mouth opening and failed Macintosh laryngoscopy
Pages 52 - 55
Original Article Open Access
Toxicological Impact of Amaranth, Sunset Yellow and Curcumin as Food Coloring Agents in Albino Rats
Pages 43 - 51
Original Article Open Access
Depression Among Congestive Heart Failure Patients: Results of a Survey from Central China
Pages 38 - 42
Original Article Open Access
A new simple scoring system for the diagnosis of acute appendicitis
Pages 32 - 37
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